Microsoft Surface Products

Authorised Microsoft Surface Device Partner

Raines Internet Solutions is able to provide the full range of Microsoft Surface products and accessories for approved commercial and education customers.

Approved customers can access our full range. We can provided complete Surface for Business solutions for you and your organisation including the Device as a Service offering.

As competition increases, we need to give our workforces not just the means to be agile, but the means to be productive too.

At Raines Internet Solutions, we’re evolving the way we support your workplace activity by expanding our offering to include a new Microsoft Surface Device as a Service solution. It’s a packaged device, software and managed services offering, designed to take the hassle out of managing employee IT.

Benefits of Surface Device as a Service with Raines Internet Solutions

  • No up-front investment
  • No hassle
  • Improved productivity
  • Easy scaling

Get the latest best-in-class Microsoft devices, workspace software and services as part of one monthly subscription with no up-front cost.

Our solution, from device set-up and training to software updates and security is fully managed by us, with no extra burden on your IT team.

Make collaboration effortless with one seamless integrated experience for your employees across all their workspace IT.

Easily add or remove subscriptions as needed to help you manage and predict costs, making sure every employee always has the best kit.

Discover how our Surface Device as a Service, combined with our other Microsoft 365 solutions can help you to bring the best available IT to your workforce, and empower it to be more agile, more collaborative, and more productive – to ultimately create a better experience for your customers.

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